Secret Gospel of Mary

Recorded by Tau Malachi Eben Ha-Elijah

This 'Gospel of Mary' is composed of selected sayings attributed to St. Mary Magdalene in the oral tradition of Sophian Gnosticism. On the one hand, these sayings are inspired by the Anointed Bride and, on the other hand, they are drawn from the Gnostic legends of an oral tradition that has existed a long time. It is always this way when speaking or writing from an oral tradition; the telling of the tales is constantly changing with the inspiration of the Spirit each moment brings. This is why oral tradition is highly prized among Sophians, because it remains vibrant and alive. Yet, placing something of the oral tradition in writing extends the light of the Bride beyond our circles and allows others to glimpse the image of the Anointed Bride, St. Mary Magdalene, as she is beheld by Sophians. Today many are seeking knowledge of St. Mary Magdalene, so it seems that the Mother Spirit calls us to let her voice be heard. In honor of the Mother Spirit and Kallah Messiah (the Anointed Bride) we offer these sayings in her name, as a gift given freely to all, and pray they are a blessing and inspiration to all who receive them.


1. These are sayings, spoken by Salome the Maiden in the name of St. Mary Magdalene, which women of wisdom have held in trust. Mary said, “If you know the Woman of Light, you will know your Mother and be reborn of the Mother Spirit as a child of light. Because the light is bornless, you will have eternal life.”

2. Mary was speaking to her companions, and she said, “There is glory of glory, and glory of light, and there is the True Light. Seek, therefore, the essence of the light, which is beyond all, and you shall know the Truth of Light.”

3. Mary said, “This world is a cemetery, it is filled with corpses. For this reason, the Lord set the world on fire so that the dead might awaken and spirits might be set free. And now the fire burns, and we tend it so that it might burn brightly, and we dance within the fire, for we are on fire with the Spirit of Yahweh. If you seek the Anointed, you seek the fire, and when you are utterly burnt away, you will rejoice in the True Light.”

4. A woman asked Mary, “Are you the one the Lord loved dearly?” Mary said, “The Lord loved the world, and he gave light and life to the world, so that no longer would anyone have to live in darkness. He loved me as the Soul of the World, so that embracing me he might embrace the world and uplift it to the bridal chamber. I am she whom the Lord loves, as is the soul of light in you. The one who finds me will find the Anointed, for I am the house in which the Lord dwells.”

5. The companions said to Mary, “Tell us about New Jerusalem.” Mary said, “It is Wisdom, not of this world, but of the World of Supernal Light. When all of the sparks are gathered in and all of the vessels of light are mended, you will see the glory of New Jerusalem coming out of heaven, and in it you will behold the bridal chamber and the image of the Anointed One in it.”

6. Mary said, “What is cast down shall be lifted up, and what is lifted up shall be thrown down; what is on high must be brought down upon the earth, and the earth must be lifted on high.”

7. Mary said, “Fire is above water, and the sky is above the earth. All of these are above and below, and all are joined in the Mother’s womb, which is the primordial space from which they all arise. Everything will return to its root and essence.”

8. Mary said to a woman, “The Mother is everything, and she is nothing. She is everything here below, and she is nothing in the embrace of the Father above. Yet above and below she is the same, and here she is always changing. You are she and she is you.”

9. Mary once said, “Do not concern yourself with the darkness in the world, but banish the darkness that is in you, because it will bind you and destroy you if you do not cast it out of you.”

10. Mary said, “Give what you wish to receive and you shall have it. Take what you desire and it will be stolen from you.”

11. Mary said to her disciples, “Eve and Lilith are one woman, and she is a supernal emanation. If a woman knows herself she will know the Holy Woman, just as if a man knows himself he will know the Supernal Adam. To acquire this knowledge you must be single, which is to say undivided.”

12. Disciples of Mary said to her, “We are going on a pilgrimage to the holy land so we might see where you and the Lord lived.” Mary said to them, “The holy land is wherever a child of Light goes, and it is where the child of Light abides. The holy land is where the Anointed and the soul are joined, it is the bridal chamber.”

13. Mary said, “When you also pay the ransom, then you will be ransomed, and no longer will you be held hostage.”

14. Mary said, “Christ has one Mother, and she is the Queen of Heaven. The body is born of the Earthly Mother, but the soul of light is born of the Heavenly Mother, and it is the Mother Spirit that awakens the soul of light. Mary gave birth to a child in the world, but the Mother Spirit gave birth to Christ. So it is with all who are anointed with Supernal Light.”

15. Mary said to Salome, “We are dead because the Lord died, and we live because the Lord lives. The tomb is the Mother’s womb to those who are among the living.”

16. Mary said to some women, “If you know the path of the moon you will know the path of the sun. With this knowledge and understanding, follow the path of light which is beyond the sun or the moon. This is the path of the cross.”

17. Mary said to her disciples, “The cross is the limit, for it binds the power of the demiurgos and Satan, which is death. Death has never existed. The Lord has shown us this and now we must remember.”

18. Mary once said, “A woman who knows how to bake bread understands the purpose of yeast, and she includes yeast in the dough, though only a little bit. So has the Mother put the fiery intelligence in human beings, knowing they will ascend because of it.”

19. Mary said, “Until there is light in a form and it becomes light, it is a false appearance. Though a human form appears, unless a person brings the supernal soul into the body, that person is not yet a human being.”

20. A woman said to Mary, “You saw the Risen Savior first. What did he look like?” Mary said to her, “He looked like no man nor angel nor god, but his appearance was the image of the Human One, the image and likeness of the Living God. Truly I tell you, whoever beholds the Risen Savior, it is as though he or she is the first to see him.”

21. Mary said, “Everyone knows how to clean a house, but few know how to make themselves clean inwardly. If you know how to clean a house but do not know how to clean yourself inwardly, then your house and all that you touch are unclean. Nothing is unclean to a person who is clean. This is what the Lord taught his disciples.”

22. Mary taught, “If you are violent then your end will be violent, but if you acquire the peace of the Lord, then you will end in peace.”

23. Mary spoke, and said, “There is baptism, chrism and wedding feast, and there is the ransom and bridal chamber. Baptism is water, chrism is fire and the ransom is earth. The wedding feast is the air, for in the Spirit we shall meet the Anointed on the Day of Joy, and then the element of the bridal chamber shall be fully revealed. Everything the Lord accomplished he accomplished in a mystery, and the Anointed Bride is the mystery.”

24. Mary said, “Ask the Mother Spirit and she will show you the face of our Father. When you look and see it, you will meet the gaze of the Beloved, for he is the image of the Living Father.”

25. Mary said, “Know how to love and you will be undivided. This is the repentance the Lord taught, and it the perfect baptism.”

26. A woman said to Mary, “You are the holiness of womanhood we have been waiting to see.” Mary said to her, “What have you been doing while you were waiting? If you see this in me, then it is in you. All the while it has been with you! What were you waiting for?”

27. A young lady said to Mary, “When will the world be transformed?” Mary said, “It will not be transformed, but it is sacred to the Mother already. When you are transformed the world will be transformed, for you are the world and the world is you. The world is changing all of the time, and yet it is unchanged. The Mother is changing continually, yet she is ever the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Become as the Mother and you will see the Great Transformation, yet nothing will have changed.”

28. Mary said, “When the Lord died the world passed away, and when the Lord was raised up a new creation came into being. When the Pure Emanation comes into the world it is the union of the beginning and the end, and all things are restored anew.”

29. Someone asked to see the holy wounds on Mary and she said, “Here, look and see, but look also to see the Risen One; for unless you see among the living, all that you see is dead things.”

30. A woman said to Mary, “Our Lady, you are a great prophetess. Praise the Lord who sent you among us.” Mary said, “You also must be a seer, for one who sees lives.”

31. Salome reclined with Mary at the table, and Salome said to Mary, “You, Bride of Light, are most blessed of women, for you have known the Lord most intimately and have become fire and light.” Mary said to her, “Because you know the truth, you also are light and fire and Spirit. In the whole of creation there is nothing else, only light and fire and Spirit.”

32. Mary said, “There are seven heavens, seven earths and seven hells, and there are worlds within worlds, and realms within realms. All shall pass away, but the Supernal Abode shall abide eternal. There is no end to God’s Word or Wisdom.”

33. Mary said, “Know how to cleave, and the husks shall be shed, and you will be joined to the Living One. The perfection of cleaving is the bridal chamber, and the wedding feast is the glory of that Perfect Aeon.”

34. Mary said, “No one finds the Lord save those to whom the Lord reveals himself, for the Lord seeks his own and has come for the elect.”

35. Mary said to some people, “If you are seeking, it is the Holy Spirit that is seeking in you, and so be assured you will find. Recognizing this, you have found already, and what you have found is life.”

36. Mary said, “One who clings to the world, clings to a corpse, and one who clings to a corpse is unclean. There is a rite of purification for one who becomes unclean by touching a corpse, but first one must let go of the corpse and seek life.”

37. Mary said, “The Divine Mother is light and she is darkness, she is the saint and she is the sinner, angels and demons are images in her, as are the gods and all of the archons; yet she is beyond all of these. Know her in all things and you will be free of bondage, even as the Anointed is free.”

38. A woman said to Mary, “I have seen the light!” Mary said to the woman, “Wonderful! Now join the darkness to it, and go into the light, and you will discover what is beyond appearances.”

39. Mary once said, “Deeply my body mourned for the Lord, but deeper still the soul within me rejoiced. Do not cling to the image on the cross, but cleave to the image of the Risen Savior.”

40. Mary said, “A tree has life in it because of the sap, and we have life in us because of the chrism. Unless one has the chrism, one is not Christian but steals the name. Be certain you do not steal.”

41. Mary said, “I was with the Risen Savior, and beheld the Mother. In the first heaven, she was the Radiant Earth of Paradise. In the second heaven, she was the Starry Night Sky. In the third heaven, she was a Great Fire. In the fourth heaven, she was the Great Angel and Celestial Temple, and the Holy Sacrifice. When I beheld her in the fifth heaven, she was the Glory of the Anointed abiding there, and in the sixth heaven, she was Fire and Ice and the End-Of-Days. In the seventh heaven, she was the Great Luminous Assembly, and the Holy Throne, and image of the One-Who-Sits-Upon-The-Throne; but in the Supernal Abode I cannot say what she was like. One must look and see for oneself.”

42. Mary said, “When the Anointed descended into Hades and the realms of Gehenna, the chosen came to him, drawn to the light, but many spirits fled from him, unwilling to enter into the light. It was the same when he walked upon the earth; the insiders drew near but the outsiders were driven away.”

43. Mary said to her disciples, “When the Risen Savior appears, look into his heart, and there you will see a threefold flame of Sophia. It is faith, hope and love, but inwardly it is knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Ask the Lord to give you this Holy Flame, so that you also might enter the kingdom and be perfect as the Father and Son are perfect.”

44. Mary to her companions, “There is power in the blood of Christ and glory in the body of Christ, the essence and presence of the Supernal Emanations. When you eat of the wedding feast, bind your soul to the Light-Emanations. Ascending, you will descend with light, and descending you will ascend with the Truth.”

45. Mary said, “You go down into the water and you die, because the reflection is shattered on the surface. When you rise up you come alive, for knowing your origin you no longer cling to a reflection or an image, but are reborn of your true essence. The nature of this essence is no-thing, and knowing this you will rule over the entirety.”

46. Mary said, “The Lord said, ‘Do not make a home for yourselves in the world, but be at home in the Spirit.”

47. Mary said, “Many are the apostles the Lord has sent, and they are rays of light flowing out of the Spiritual Sun. Many are the apostles the Bride shall send, and they are flames of fire leaping out of her. If you receive one whom the Bridegroom and Bride sends, then you receive one who comes from the Pleroma of Light. Woe to they who reject the apostles of light, for they have rejected their own soul! Receive every person who comes to you walking in holiness and beauty, for they are your fathers and mothers, your brothers and sisters, and your little ones.”

48. Mary taught her disciples, saying, “The Aeons of Light are the handmaids of the Bride at the wedding feast, and the best man is the Son of Adam at the wedding; in the bridal chamber the soul acquires intimate acquaintance with the Anointed and becomes the Anointed. Until that time, sing and dance and rejoice, for it is to those who abide in joy that the Shekinah comes, and it is through her that you will enter the bridal chamber.”

49. Mary said, “Come, let us go in. The Lord is waiting. If the mark is in you, then it is a sin to go outside. The righteous are those who live inwardly in the presence of the Anointed.”

50. Mary said, “A man once came to the Lord seeking an answer, but the Lord sat in silence. When the man departed, the Lord said, ‘Perhaps he was not seeking, but if he was, then surely he has his answer.’ Many times the Lord said nothing, but an answer was given. Remember this when you pray, for the power of prayer is silence.”

51. Mary said, “What is a woman to do against a strong man? She cannot overcome him. When faced with a strong man, if she cannot call out to a righteous man for help, then her only choice is not to resist him. Now I ask you, is this right? Indeed! For she will live and the day of justice will come! Yet it is wrong, for this demonstrates the dominion of falsehood in this world. There is great power in womanhood but it is hidden, and many men and beasts of the field seem to have power, but inwardly are weak. In the World of Supernal Light only the soul that has power in it will have power, and those lacking the power of truth will not appear in it. This world is a world of falsehood, but the world-to-come is a World of Truth. Do not be deceived by appearances and do not doubt there will be justice!”

52. Mary taught, “Once you come to the light and know the light is in you, you cannot continue to walk in the ways of darkness, lest you fall into a greater darkness. No! You must walk in the light and enter the light, and bring forth the light from within you, for only then will you be established in the Way of Life.”

53. Mary said to her disciples, “Do not receive every spirit that comes to you, but put every spirit to the test, to see if it comes from God or the demiurge or Satan. There are many false lights, and they glitter and glow, and even a demon can appear in the image of the Risen One. Do not be deceived, but look always for the light of love and truth, for what is evil lacks love and what is mixture lacks the perfection of Truth. In the Holy Spirit you will be empowered to discern, for she is discerning awareness.”

54. Mary said, “The Lord laid down a ransom for your soul, yet if you do not receive the Spirit of the Lord and live as a free person, then the ransom does not take effect. Only a free person can gather and give ransom, and so set free a hostage. Everything you see the Lord do, you must also do. This is the Way of Freedom.”

55. The disciples of Mary said, “Tell us about Grandmother Israel?” Mary said to them, “She has seen the End-Of-Days and the Beginning-Of-Life, and she is ancient, yet she is ever young. She is the understanding of wisdom, and knowledge of truth, the perfection of awareness. All is in her sight, yet she desires nothing. She is the fruition of womanhood having given birth to Divine Illumination.”

56. Mary said, “Until you know the darkness of Sophia, you will not acquire her light. Unless you die and are reborn of the Mother Spirit, the knowledge of the resurrection will elude you.”

57. Mary said, “Do not think the cross is wood, for it is light. Do not think the Anointed is a man, for he is an emanation. Do not become bound by appearances, for the Spirit of Truth is invisible. Do not be idolaters.”

58. Mary said, “Pray that you have an eye that sees, an ear that hears, a tongue that tastes, a nose that smells and a body that feels. For many are they who are dead, whose senses perceive nothing, but you have been called to life and raised from the dead. Therefore, pray to be fully alive.”

59. Mary said, “There are many gods and goddesses with great power, and all manner of spirits that have secret knowledge, yet the power that is in you is greater and the knowledge you possess is more rare and precious. I tell you, great and luminous beings shall come seeking power and knowledge from you. See that you give to all who ask and withhold only from those who come to steal, and those who receive let worship the Anointed of God Most High.”

60. Mary said, “I tell you truly, you are divine beings, but do not let anyone worship you.”

61. Once Mary said, “In the Anointed you are free from bondage to the law and the dominion of the archons. Do not make yourself a slave again, but live as a free man or woman in the Holy Spirit.”

62. Mary said to her disciples, “Unless you go out of your homeland, and follow the Spirit through the wilderness into the Promised Land as I have, you cannot be a disciple to me. Unless you bear the marks of the crucifixion that I bear, you cannot be a disciple to the Lord. When you receive the call you must go forth and not look back, for the one who looks back shall be bound, but the one who looks to the Anointed will be set free.”

63. Mary was teaching one day, and she said, “The warden and guards will pursue anyone attempting to escape from prison, and dark spirits will arise to oppose anyone who shines with light. Do not fear the persecution you face on account of the Risen Savior and Mother Spirit, but have faith and endure, for your freedom is already won and all darkness has come to an end.”

64. Mary said, “If you desire something, ask the Mother, for she gives to her children all that they desire.”

65. Mary’s disciples asked her, “How should we worship God?” Mary said, “With tears and with laughter, and in all that you do, and with song and dance, and in every way the Spirit inspires. Worship in the Spirit of Truth, with your heart and your soul, your mind and your body; live in the presence of Yahweh always.”

66. Mary said, “Do not mistake the rites performed outwardly for the true sacred rite, for unless the sacred rites transpire inwardly, the outward rites are only husks of darkness.”

67. Mary said, “Receiving the baptism of water, seek also the baptism of fire and the Spirit, for only when you are baptized with fire and the Spirit is your baptism complete.”

68. Mary said, “The Anointed has sown seeds of light; you are the secret garden of the Anointed, and in due season the harvest shall come. Tend to your growth now so that you may be ripe and mature when the harvest comes.”

69. Mary said, “The mystery of the bridal chamber is private, it can only be spoken in the presence of one, and only if it is known to that one already. Do not speak in public about things that are private, but be wise in your speech.”

70. Mary taught, “Many have followed their heart, and it led them astray. Yet, it was not their heart that they followed, but some other spirit. The Lord is seated there, in your heart, and you must know your heart to know the Lord. There is a husk of darkness surrounding the heart; when that husk is broken and falls away, then you will know your heart and know the Lord. Let your heart be circumcised so that you might enter into the fullness of love and be intimately acquainted.”

71. Mary said, “To gain recognition is to become what you see, for no one sees anything he or she has not become. If a person is not able to recognize the Anointed, or one whom the Anointed sends, it is because the Anointed does not indwell that person. When there is recognition rejoice, therefore, for your salvation is near and you have entered the kingdom.”

72. Mary said, “Unless you know the kingdom in you, you will not see it outside of you; unless the Anointed indwells you, you will not find the Anointed in the world.”

73. Mary said, “We are Christ-like until we become Christ, and the Lord has promised every true Christ-like person will become Christ. This is our spiritual hope.”

74. The disciples inquired of Mary about the World of Supernal Light. She said to them, “It is above and below, within you and beyond you, and all around you, but few are they who have eyes to see it, and fewer still who dwell in it.”

75. A disciple asked Mary, “When will the Second Coming occur?” Mary said, “It can happen at any time, anywhere, when you least expect it. It is the mystery of the Perfect Aeon known only to the Living Father, which he will reveal in the Mother in due season. Therefore, be ready and live without regrets, so that when it transpires you will be among the living.”

76. Mary said, “Only one who is passionate for truth will discover the truth.”

77. A man asked Mary, “Who is greater, you or Yeshua?” Mary said to him, “Truly I tell you, the Anointed is the Anointed, whether male or female, and the Anointed is exalted above every head, even the highest among the angels in heaven and Aeons of Light. As for Yeshua, he is greater than I, for I received everything from him. And so it is for every disciple, he or she is never greater than the teacher.”

78. Mary was teaching in the assembly, and a woman exclaimed, “Now is the hour of the Holy Bride!” Mary said, “No, before the Bride is received, she must be rejected, and before the Second Coming there must come a great darkness. Until the Second Coming of Christ, the Wisdom of God shall not be received. When the Bride is received, know the Second Coming is near.”

79. Mary said, “If you know what the world is, you will no longer desire it, for you will see what is beyond the world. When you see what is beyond the world, in that day it will be in the world.”

80. A young disciple asked Mary, “How can I come to know the Lord?” Mary said, “Become empty, like a cup, and let the Mother Spirit pour the Lord and her presence into you.”

81. Mary said, “Seek to commune with the angels of our Heavenly Father and the angels of our Earthly Mother, and cleaving to the Lord in your heart, let the heavens and earth be joined.”

82. Mary said, “All things exist in and with one another, and while they exist they depend on one another, but when the time of dissolution comes, all things will return to their own root and essence. What has come from above returns to the abode from which it has come, and what comes from below returns to its origin. What is in between has never existed, and will return to the Great Void.”

83. Mary said, “Is it not written, ‘In the beginning was void and chaos?’ Yet, did not God exist before the beginning? If order and light came into being, surely these are of God. As for the void and chaos, these are the primordial ground from which God has created; and the one creating is the demiurge. For in truth, what God creates is emanation, and the emanations of God create. Therefore, Yahweh emanated and Elohim created. There is no beginning to this, nor is there an end. Consider this when you meditate on the End-Of-Days.”

84. Mary said, “Did God give birth to creation without a womb? No, indeed! For creation is in God’s womb, and until it is complete it shall not emerge.”

85. Mary said, “When the soul departs this world it must travel through many realms in between, and it must pass through the realms of the archons, and the heavens, and the great abyss. Powers will arise to prevent the soul’s ascent, and guardians will seek to bind it to their realms, yet those who cleave to the Anointed, in whom the Holy Spirit dwells, they will be invisible to the powers and guardians. Already, they are free!”

86. Mary said, “From the purity of space, air arose, and from air, fire arose, and from fire, water, and from these the earth came into being. When you depart the world, let the elements dissolve into one another, and let the Mother and Father Essences be joined; then wait upon the Spirit of the Lord, abiding in the Transparent Light of the Supernal Abode. In this way you will attain repose.”

87. A woman said to Mary, “I am dying and wish to go to God. What should I do?” Mary said, “Gather yourself as a sun in your heart, and envision the Risen Savior come for you. When the Savior appears, as light rise up to meet him in the air and the Anointed will receive you in God.”

88. Mary said, “Labor while you are in the field, and rest when you are called home. Do not be idle while you live, lest you depart the world in poverty.”

89. Mary said, “Because of the power of the demiurgos, you have forgotten yourself. You believe you are a child of darkness, yet you are a child of light. Indeed! Truly, I say to you, you are a person of light who has come from the light, and if you remember yourself you will know where your home is. This is the remembrance of the wedding feast, regarding which the Lord instructed us, “Do this in remembrance of me.”

90. Mary said, “What the Anointed is, I am and you are; for this reason the Anointed has come, to remind those caught in the spell of forgetfulness.”

91. Mary said, “Beware! If you blaspheme the Mother Spirit there will be no one to save you, for she is the Spirit of salvation and your very life.”

92. Mary said, “Weave for yourselves garments of light, so that when you go before the Queen of Heaven to be received you do not appear naked. With faith and the fullness of knowledge, do good works and love one another, and in the Spirit of the Lord you will have garments of light.”

93. Mary once said, “Blessed is one who knows sorrow and suffering, for that person will know life.”

94. Mary said, “You cannot destroy the evil inclination, but if you bring it into the service of the good it will no longer be evil.”

95. Mary said, “When the saint receives the Anointed it is good, but when the sinner receives the Anointed it is better, for entering into the light the sinner is more powerful than the saint.”

96. Mary said to her disciples, “You are midwives of the Mother Spirit, and you are meant to labor with her in the harvest of souls. Yet do not grasp on to the fruit of your labors, for it is she who accomplishes everything and to whom all good fruits belong.”

97. Mary said, “No one will know the Living Father apart from the Mother, for it is she who shows us the face of our Father.”

98. Mary spoke, and she said, “Having awakened, remain awake, and keep vigil, ever waiting upon the Lord.”

99. Mary said to her companions, “Preach the Gospel to all good creatures, and bear forth the light into all realms. If the wind will listen, teach the wind. If a ghost seeks redemption, then bless the ghost. Speak the truth to all spirits and creatures, for in the Human One all are blessed and all are received.”

100. Mary said, “Know when to retreat and when to live. When you retreat be silent and die to yourself, so that you might be alive in the Spirit. When you live, be alive and vibrant, and rejoice each day in the presence of God.”

101. Mary said to her disciples, “The Human One is the divinity in the holy Shabbat and the Shekinah is the companion of all who remember and keep it. The Lord has ordained the Shabbat as a blessing for all who desire to draw near. It is a great blessing.”

102. Mary said, “The Anointed is the Lord of the Shabbat, and it is the day of the Beloved. In it is the mystery of the bridal chamber, and those who honor it shall gain knowledge of the mystery.”

103. Mary said, “In heaven men and women who have love and knowledge of God are fully received in the light, but below only men of God are fully received, for there is an abode of falsehood and darkness, and the archons favor the male. Yet, the image of the Human One in the bridal chamber is male and female joined together in one body of light, like unto the holy angels. When the image below is as the image above, then the Gospel will be fulfilled.”

104. Mary said to her disciples, “All aeons are not divine, but many are brought in by the demiurgos and archons and bear the taint of falsehood. The aeons are thoughts in the Perfect Intelligence of God, fashioned by Wisdom and Understanding, yet under the influence of the demiurge they are corrupted. Only the pure emanation of the Aeon of Light is free of taint or corruption, for it is the body of the Risen Savior whom the archons could not hold in bondage. And it shall come to pass that a false aeon shall replace the Aeon of Truth, for already the image in the bridal chamber is partial in the minds of men.”

105. Mary said, “The Perfect Aeon is called Eternal Shabbat, and the soul of the Perfect Aeon is called the Christ, and it is Light and Truth. The seed of the Perfect Aeon has been sown in the world, in the human mind and heart, and it shall bear good fruit in due season. Until that time there are many aeons in conflict below the great abyss, and the world is a play of shadows and shades and dim glows. Therefore, do not be deceived, but cleave to the True Light, and pray for the Aeon of the Holy Spirit in which all aeons will be rectified and the revelation of the Perfect Aeon complete.”

106. Mary said, “The Anointed was joined by the Living Father to the Light-Emanations so that when he appeared to us their radiant holy breath and power was in him. This is the power of the Holy Spirit that he breathed upon us, akin to the Spirit of God moving upon the surface of the deep in the beginning. Yet, this Spirit which the Anointed breathed on us moved on the surface and the deep. On account of this breath of the Savior a new creation has come into being which is the purity of emanation.”

107. Mary said to her companions, “There is light and fire in your breath, and if you cleave to the Risen Savior and breathe as the Savior breathes, you will discover it. When you discover it your whole body will become filled with fire and light and you will be transformed into the image of the Living One.”

108. Mary said, “The aeons are perfect and eternal above, but their images below are inherently flawed. Seek to look and see them above so that you might join soul and image and rectify them.”

109. Mary spoke these words in private. She said, “The body and blood of the Lord is fire and light, and the power of the Mother Spirit is in it. There is fire in the bread and light in the wine, and the Holy Spirit passes in between them and joins them. So are the Bride and Bridegroom joined, and it is for this reason it is called a wedding feast. Understand, the body and blood are not the image on the cross, but they are the image of the Risen Savior, so that consecrated, the power of the Risen Savior is in the bread and wine. What is the image of the Risen Savior? It is the image of the Groom and Bride united called the Second Adam. This is the image of the Great Seth.”

110. Mary said to her disciples, “Kali Kallah appears black to those who do not know her, yet to those who love her and who draw near she is white brilliance. Her image is as the starry night sky, and the light of the heavens and Supernal Abode are in her. To pass beyond you must enter her embrace, even as the Lord embraced her. Then, through Daughter Sophia you will acquire knowledge of Mother Sophia, the Queen of Heaven.”

111. Mary said, “There is wisdom and there is wisdom, and the wisdom of the world is not the Wisdom of God. Seek, therefore, the truth of wisdom, that knowing the Wisdom of God all wisdom might be redeemed in you.”

112. Mary said, “The Logos emanated into the world for the redemption of Sophia. If the redemption of Sophia is not received in the world, then the world is not redeemed. Sophia received the Logos, and those who cleave to Sophia have received the Logos, and they are redeemed. It is Sophia in you that receives the Logos and is saved.”

113. Mary was speaking to her companions. She said, “Everything that is above is in you here below. The light of the heavens and Supernal Abode is in you, and the essence of the Perfect Aeon. Let Logos and Sophia embrace in you and you will behold great wonders, and nothing will be impossible to you, for what is above will be brought down below and what is below will be lifted above. Praise the Lord!”

114. Mary said, “Logos is the name of the Lord and Sophia is the name of the Bride. In the bridal chamber their name is Christos.”

115. Mary said to her disciples, “You have heard of the ascension of Enoch. When he ascended he became male and female, and the male entered into repose and the female moved to run and return; thus Metatron appeared in the height and Sandalphon in the depths. This is the Great Angel of the Lord, male and female, the image of Bride and Bridegroom. And it is the Supernal Image of our perfection.”

116. Mary said, “God the Father entered in through the image of the Son, but the world was overwhelmed by the great supernal glory. Therefore, the Son imparted the Mother Spirit and God the Mother has entered in through the image of the Daughter to nurture the little ones until they grow wise. The light entered but was too bright, and so now the fire comes to purify so that all might be sanctified to receive the True Light. Everything shall be accomplished in due season, and it is the Mother Spirit that will accomplish everything.”

117. Mary said, “We have Father and we have Mother, for God is our Father and our Mother, though, indeed, the Most High is beyond Father or Mother. There is no knowledge of the Father apart from the Mother, for it is Mother Spirit who gives birth to the image of the Son in whom the Living Father is revealed. So also shall Mother Spirit give birth to the image of the Daughter, so that the image of the Son will be perfect and the revelation of God Most High made complete. Truly I say to you, there is a holier Gospel yet to be spoken.”

118. Mary said, “Under the law and old covenant the circumcision applied only to men, but in the new covenant women are also circumcised; likewise, under the old covenant only men were called as priests, but under the new covenant there are also women called as priestesses. The old covenant fell to the dominion of the demiurgos. It remains to be seen whether the new covenant shall stand or fall. If it falls, then another shall arise. Therefore, labor always for the perfection of the covenant, so that you are awake when the Aeon of the Holy Spirit enters in.”

119. A woman said to Mary, “I have heard that the Lord walked on water.” Mary said, “Indeed! The Lord did walk on water, and he walked on the firmaments of the heavens when he ascended to the Supernal Abode. Tell me, which is the greater wonder?”

120. Mary said to her disciples, “I was water, but the Lord made me wine. Now I may bring passion and joy to the hearts of human ones and a force of fire against the Great Beast.”

121. Mary said, “In the Lord men have an image of their perfection, and in the Bride women have an image of their perfection, and it is a single perfection. Unless there is perfection in man and woman, the perfection of the Human One is incomplete. And so the Lord said to us, ‘Be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.’ For truly, the Father is not the Father, and the Mother is not the Mother, for the image of the Human One, which is the likeness and image of the Most High, is male and female joined together – the Androgynous and Self-Begetting One. This is the truth of the Anointed.”

122. Mary said, “Three days passed from the crucifixion to the resurrection, and so shall three days pass from the resurrection to the Second Coming. Let those who have ears listen and hear what the Spirit is speaking!”

123. Mary said, “If Christos can appear as a male, then surely Christos can appear as a female. Those who deny holiness in womanhood do not understand holiness in manhood or womanhood but are sorely bound to ignorance. Do not believe the father-of-lies, but believe in the Mother Spirit whose name is the Spirit of Truth and Comforter!”

124. Mary said, “The beast of the field receives by grace, and the faithful receive by faith and grace; but it is the elect who receive by faith and knowledge and grace, and for this reason are called ‘the perfect.’”

125. Mary said, “Where darkness abides, the light cannot enter. When the light enters all darkness vanishes. To enter into the light you must banish the darkness that is in you, and when you enter the light you must join the light and darkness to gain the acquaintance of the True Light. Unless you first let go of the darkness and cleave to the light, the light cannot enter, but once the light enters all darkness shall be transformed and you will know the Truth beyond light or darkness. This is the Truth that will set you free!”

126. Mary said to her companions, “I tell you, there is a superior intelligence that shall come to those who wait upon the Spirit of the Lord, and it is like thunder and lightning, and it will illuminate you.”

127. Mary said, “If you seek knowledge of the Risen Savior, open yourself to the light that comes from above. It will awaken a fire in you and bring you into the fullness of knowledge, understanding and wisdom, and you will lack nothing.”

128. Mary said, “Where there is peace God’s Spirit abides. Therefore, make peace and you will know great joy.”

129. Mary said, “If you cannot love, you cannot be united. One who is divided is destined for destruction. Therefore the Savior taught us to love so that we might have life.”

130. A woman said to Mary, “It is not my destiny to attain salvation, for it is not in the stars for me. The stars of my birth are ill-fated.” Mary said, “It is not the stars that determine your fate, my sister, but it is the Mother Spirit. According to the stars of her birth, Sarah was not destined to have a son, yet the Mother Spirit blessed Sarah and she gave birth to Isaac. If you have faith and seek true knowledge, you will not be bound by the fates sin and the archons dictate, for in the Risen Savior your soul is exalted beyond the domains of the archons and the celestial regions. Believe in God, not in the abodes of the archons, and the Mother Spirit will fulfill your heart’s desire. Your destiny is with Christ in God.”

131. Mary said, “When you pray join yourself to the Anointed by the power of the Name, and cleave to the Light-Emanations. Let your heart pray and use few words, and learn the delight of the prayer of silence. For it is in silence you will hear the Spirit of Yahweh speaking. This is how the Savior taught us to pray.”

132. Mary said, “It is with passion that one must cleave, and all passions must be cleaving. Then you will experience the perfection of cleaving which is divine rapture.”

133. Mary said, “When you have one thought and one desire, in that instant you will be fulfilled.”

134. Mary said, “Abide where you are, there the Anointed is.”

135. Mary said to her companions, “If you do not know your heart, you cannot know the Lord. For, there, in your heart, is the indwelling Christ, and your inmost heart’s desire is Christ. Therefore, knowing your heart you will know Christ and in Christ all your desires will be fulfilled.”

136. Mary said, “Knowledge, understanding and wisdom are not superior to love, for these come from union and it is love that unites. One who has love will have knowledge, understanding and wisdom, but without love no one is wise. If there is power apart from love, it is evil and will give birth to evil, but where there is love power is exercised in wisdom. All good things come by way of love.”

137. Mary said to her disciples, “If you desire to be free, set others free. Be forgiving and you will be forgiven.”

138. Mary said to her disciples, “Of all things I wish you to have the Sacred Heart of Christ, which is compassion. For compassion is the womb of the Mother in which Christ is conceived, and in this Christ will be born in you. Pray to the Mother Spirit to have her womb and to conceive and birth the Anointed in you. I will pray for you also.”

139. Mary said, “Do not think the kingdom of the Anointed is of this world, for it is not of this world. Yet do not think that you must depart this world to enter into the kingdom, for it has come near unto you this day and it is in you.” 140. Mary said to her companions, “The Lord ascended to repose in the Father, but the Holy Bride remains with you. Invite her and welcome her. She will come to you and reveal herself to you. In her shall all mysteries of the Anointed be revealed and in her you will know the perfection of the Mother Spirit. You need only open your mind and heart and life to her, and she will come and enter, and the Spirit of the Anointed will come with her. She will bring you into the bridal chamber.”

141. Mary said, “If anything is written it is dead apart from the Spirit, but if something is written and the Spirit is in you, it will be black fire on white fire that you will see, and there will be neither black nor white.”

142. Mary said, “The Lord spoke with authority because the Living Father granted it to him and the Mother Spirit spoke in him. He was the presence and power of which he was speaking. You also seek this divine authority, so that you might also speak Truth.”

143. Mary said, “There is no place among us for the undecided, for they have not yet received the call.”

144. Mary said to her disciples, “The Lord has said that the Holy Spirit will reveal what has not been revealed, and that she will lead us into All-Truth. When her hour comes, this will come to pass, even as the Lord spoke it. Already it is coming to pass, though when she will move freely no one knows.”

145. Mary said, “If God were not alien there would be no need for the divine revelation, for God would be known among humankind. Because, as yet, God is alien, revealers come and the revelation is on-going.”

146. Mary said, “You say I am a woman, but see, I am a man, and I am a woman, and I am neither man nor woman. You go looking for the anointed, but do not see. So long as you are looking, you will not see. When your seeking comes to an end, you will find.”

147. Mary said, “Pray with your heart, not your head, for your head will lead you astray.”

148. Mary said to her companions, “Here you are, and here I am, and here the Lord is also.”

149. Mary said, “I looked into the eyes of the Anointed and found no beginning, and so also I found no end. Everything is in the Anointed, the Father, the Mother and the entirety; therefore the whole of crucified and raised up with him. Yet, unless one acquires the knowledge of this, it has not transpired.”

150. Mary spoke, and she said, “Do you not know that the True Light has been her from the very beginning, only it was not activated? Now that it is activated greater wonders then you have seen shall come to pass, and you will be among the wonders.”

151. Mary said, “Pray the Holy Spirit moves so that you might recognize her, for then she can lead you into perfect repose, even as she lead the Son to repose in the Living Father.”

152. Salome said, “When the Lord spoke of the first being the last, and the last being the first, he was speaking of the Bridegroom and Holy Bride.”

153. Mary said, “If the being is separate from the becoming, then there is no life in the becoming; and if the becoming is separate from the being, then the being does not exist. Being and becoming are one, for it is written: “The LORD and His Name are One.”

154. Mary said, “If you believe in a multiplicity of gods, it is inferior; yet if you do not recognize the many powers superior knowledge is impossible.”

155. Some young women among the disciples asked Mary, “When you knew the Lord, what was it like?” Mary said, “Why do you ask of what has passed away when this knowledge is in your presence?”

156. Mary said, “When new life comes to you do not cling to the old.”

157. Mary said, “An angel lead lot’s wife to life, but she turned to gaze at destruction and became what is dead. When the angel leads you out of the corruption of the world, do not turn towards the world again as she did.”

158. Mary said to her disciples, “Do not be deceived by the name ‘Comforter’ that is give to the Holy Spirit, for before she is the Comforter her name of Deep Trouble, and she will seem as an angel of wrath before appearing as an angel of mercy.”

159. Mary said, “To fear death is to fear life, and those who fear death are not alive, it is for this reason they fear death – they fear to know who and what they are.”

160. Mary said, “There is heart and soul, mind and life, and there is Light; let all of these be united in the Light and they will become the Light – the Living Yeshua is proof of this.”

161. Mary said, “Those who say Christ was crucified do not know what they are saying, and those who say Christ was not crucified also do not know what they are saying. Those who have many words concerning the crucifixion are ignorant of the Anointed, for the truth of the Anointed is the Risen Savior, the Bornless One.”

162. Mary said, "There are twelve gates through which souls enter into the world, but one gate through which all depart. Yet that one gate is many, for it opens above and below and again into the world. When you pass through it remember to gather yourself and rise up, and join yourself to what appears. Do not fear white brilliance, for it will deliver you."

163. Mary said, “No one will explain the Lord to another person, but the Spirit will explain everything and the Lord will speak to those who have ears to hear.”

164. Mary said to her disciples, “Do not speak of deep things until you know the simple, and when you know the simple do not neglect the things of depth.”

165. Mary said, “The archons thought that they killed the Christ, just as they thought by their own power they created the world and humanity. But they were self-deluded, for they crushed only an empty husk, like themselves, and they began their own end in so doing!”

166. Mary said, “The Anointed is the Light-presence above the cross and in the cross, and if the Light was in the image it did not shine forth until the resurrection. You also have the Light above you and in you, though it is concealed. Seek to bring it forth and let is shine, so that your image above and below might be complete. Then you will be free forever and ever.”

167. Mary said to her companions, “This I am, of which the Lord spoke, this is You and the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory; it is everyone and everything. And so it is!”

168. Mary said, “When the wind blows, listen, the Spirit is speaking; let your prayers be set upon the four winds in Spirit so that they should be a blessing to the whole earth. If you pray in this way the Supreme Spirit above will receive your prayer.”

169. Mary said, “If you have all knowledge, but lack love, then you lack knowledge altogether.”

170. Mary said, “We speak in the tongues of angels and beasts and the ancient ones, yet only human beings hear and understand our wisdom.”

171. Mary said, “If the Truth is in you, but you do not speak it, how can you be true? When will your perfection come?” 172. Mary said, “Guard your intention, and be willful in love; for it is the intention of any activity which is its truth. Many do the right things with wrong intentions and are taken down into the infernal abodes, and there are those who appear to do what is wrong but have entered into the Great Ascension.”

173. Mary said, “There are Great and Shinning Ones who come among you. Be careful in your dealings with others, for truly, you may not know that one who comes before you is among these Divine powers. Live as one among the righteous ones and angels, for it may be you do not know the Divine power in you.”

174. Mary said, “Beware of those who glorify and bear witness of themselves, for all who are true have heralds and the Holy Spirit is the True Witness.”

175. Mary said, “If a person says, ‘I found it,’ know that they do not have it; yet if a person does not believe they have it, they will never find it.”

176. Mary said, “Be careful with the names, for there is great power in them. Yet, unless the great power is in you they are nothing.”

177. Mary said, “Seventy-two angels compose the Name, yet even the angels did not know how to speak it until the Logos came to be below.”

178. Mary said to some of her disciples, “No one was alive until the Anointed came, now there are the dead and there are the living ones.”

179. Mary said, “If you desire Truth, it will be disclosed to you, but if it is not disclosed then you do not desire it. If you desire Truth, then your desire is the manifestation of the Spirit of Truth you seeks, and that desire is self-fulfilling and self-generating, and one who has it will become the Self-begotten One.”

180. Mary said, “There is death everywhere below, but there is life above. Bring down your life that you might have the power to raise the dead, even as the Lord raise our brother.”

181. A disciple asked Mary, “When the Lord raise Lazarus, where did Lazarus go?” Like the Baptist, he is a secretive and wild spirit, only the Holy Spirit knows where he went, for she hides him as the Witness for the End-Of-Days. And so he lives and shall live to bear witness to everything, even as the Lord spoke of him.”

182. Mary was speaking to her disciples and they were marveling at the mysteries pouring forth from her. She said to them, “If anyone speaks and mystery and reveals it, it is not the person who has spoken, but the Spirit in the person.” 183. Mary said, “One who has life can give life, but one who is dead cannot even help him or herself. Acquire life so that you have life to give.”

184. Mary said, “Everything that is the Lord’s belongs to me and everything that is mine belongs to him. It is this way with all who love the Lord.”

185. Mary said, “Considering all things that have transpired, do not grasp at answers but live in holy awe and wonder. In this way all things are made known.”

186. Mary said, “There was no life in this body until I met the Lord, but then I received my life. And now I rejoice in the Lord of Life, the Holy One who dances with me and I with him.”

187. Some disciples asked Mary, “Should we be celibate?” Mary said, “Be what you are, and inwardly be like unto the holy angels.”

188. A woman said to Mary, “I do not wish to have a child, so as not to give birth to a slave.” Mary said to her, “Blessed are you when you do not do so!” Another woman hearing this became troubled, and she said to Mary, “But Mary, I long to have a child who might labor for the kingdom.” Mary said to her, “Blessed are you when you have such a child in your arms!”

189. Mary said, “Many are concerned with unreal things, but as for you, pay attention to the real. What is real is in your heart, and therein you will know it. What is on the outside is unreal, but what is on the inside is real. When you join the inside and outside, above and below, then the whole is real.”

190. Mary said, “Stay always with the zeal and love you had at first, and you will not error, for such is the way of a child of God.”

191. Mary said, “Even when the Lord laid himself down he did not sleep nor cease from his labor, and even now he labors in you in the Spirit. So labor continually with him and you shall savor the fruits of this divine labor.”

192. Mary spoke with her disciples, and she said, “Men think that the Lord came to save the world, but he did not come to save the world. The Anointed has comes as a force of Fire and Light to shatter and burn the world utterly away, until only Truth remains in it.”

193. Some disciples inquired of Mary about the end of time. Mary said, “It is the Day of Understanding. In that time there will be holy apostles who bring the knowledge of the covenant of the Mother Spirit, and there will be many false prophets in the world. A great Light and great Darkness shall enter into the world, and great conflict and confusion will follow. The Bride will be with the holy ones and she will bring with her two witnesses, and there will be many signs in the matrix of the world, and also there will be wonders, though hidden. If peace is attained before that time, then all shall come to pass by way of pure grace, yet these days if peace is not attained shall surely appears as woes and wrath. On account of the archons it is unlikely peace shall be attained before that day. But the holy shall be set apart, and though they die yet shall they live to enter the bridal chamber.”

194. Mary said, “In the day of the coming of the Anointed many shall look and see, and among them many will be unwilling to enter the Light, for they shall not recognize the Light in the Daughter sent among them.”

195. Mary said, “One who knows the Mother is near to the Father, but one who denies the Mother is far from the Father. There is not two, but only one God, and God is both Father and Mother.”

196. Mary said, “The name of the Anointed is not the name men speak, but it is a name sealed in the heart of the elect, and because they are holy when they speak it no one hears it, save for those who are elect.”

197. Mary said, “Listen! The Holy Spirit is Supernal, yet she is everywhere here below. She is the Light of the heavens and the fire of Gehenna, and she is the Life-power in all creatures in heaven, and earth and beneath the earth – she is the All-In-All. If anyone is ignorant of her, then they are surely not alive.”

198. Mary said, “The Way is narrow, for there is but one Path for each soul, and the unique essence of the soul is the Way, Truth and Light. Save that one lives by way of this, one will not come into life.”

199. Mary said, “Let divine passion play upon you, and let the Spirit carry you where she will, then you will know what divine rapture is.”

200. Mary said to her disciples, “At the dawn of the End-Of-Days many wisdom treasuries shall be discovered, and there will be many who receive the Light of those days; yet, on account of the great darkness, there will be a multitude of false lights and all manner of deceptions. Before the greater joy, I tell you, great sorrow and suffering will engulf the world. Yet, all shall be as it is to be, and all things shall be accomplished.”

201. Mary said, “Live as though the Lord is coming tomorrow and you will not go wrong.”

202. Mary said, “The meaning of repentance is this: If you miss the mark, a just your aim. A baptism is given for the remission of sin, so that the soul might be loosed from the bow aimed at the Supernal Abode.”

203. Mary said, “God Most High became Mother and Father to conceive and give birth to the Son and Holy Spirit. And so God formed the primordial womb from give birth to the image and likeness of Godself. Those who know the Virgin Mother will also experience the conception of Christ, and the Holy Spirit will manifest as them.”

204. Mary said, “I said to the Lord, ‘Let me know you,’ and the Lord said to me, ‘As you wish, know yourself.’”

205. Mary said, “If you do not know yourself, how will you propose to know God?”

206. Mary said, “I am the aura of flames dancing about him, and he is the center of Light – I am everywhere, but he is nowhere; I am he and he is me. There is no difference from beginning to end. Know the Lord, the One Anointed with the Supernal Light of God and you will come into the acquaintance of Holy Fire.”

207. Mary said, “Moses saw a burning bush; but I tell you, in the Spirit of the Anointed we have beheld the entirety on fire!”

208. Mary said, “All were in the bondage of slavery, under the dominion of Pharaoh, until the Anointed came. But since the Anointed came we have become free men and women, and we have been set over the taskmasters. The law if prophecy, the Gospel is the fulfillment of prophecy. Yet, to the Aeon of the Bride and Mother Spirit the Gospel that is with us is prophecy. Let those who have ears, listen and hear the Word and Wisdom of the Almighty!”

209. Mary said, “If you know how to cast the circle, then you will know how to deliver the spirits; for the secret of deliverance lies in the circle ascending.”

210. Mary said, “The spark must become a flame, and the flame must become a blazing fire. When you shine like the sun you will be complete.”

211. Mary said, “The Supernal Light has not been seen in the world before the Anointed brought it down. Now there is a seed of Light and the fruition is forthcoming.”

212. Mary said to her companions, “The ages and all that appears will pass away, but the Aeon of Perfect Light will remain. It is eternal.”

213. Mary said, “Look! You are a shadow in the Light. Cleave to the Light and let the shadow pass away.”

214. A woman asked Mary, “How can a woman be holy?” Mary said, “The man who is holy knows he is no man, therefore it is the same for a woman. Those who see male and female see only an appearance, for inwardly there is neither female nor male. These appearances are like shadows, and those who grasp at shadows and do not look to the Light miss the mark of Truth.” And again, Mary said, “The Mother and the Bride and She-Who-Is-Wise is within every woman, just as the Father and the Son are within every man; the human being is holy when in possession of her or his humanity.”

215. Mary said, “Many are the wisdom treasuries that are hidden, awaiting their discovery. If you court Wisdom she will give you her dowry and all that is in her house will become yours.”

216. Mary said, “Wisdom seeks true lovers and goes to those who seek her. No one will lack Wisdom if in their heart they yearn for her.”

217. Mary said, “Many are the false lights. If the True Light had not come and Grace did not open the way, no one would have escaped deception.”

218. Mary said to her disciples, “Here something precious is revealed by concealing it, but in the World-To-Come it will be revealed by revealing it. Look and see!”

219. Mary said, “Many are they who wander aimless and are bound to missing the mark. It is unbecoming for a human being to live without purpose. For this reason the Lord has taught us to live in a purposeful way and given us an aim, and he is our purpose and our aim – the Risen One.”

220. Mary said, “It may be that a fool is wiser than an intelligent person, for the fool is more likely to know that whatever intelligence arises comes from God.”

221. Mary said, “It is, indeed, difficult for a wealthy person to enter into the kingdom of heaven, for the wealthy are like the archons, believing they have created on their own and that the power is their own though it is not. Yet, the wealthy person who serves the kingdom with their wealth shall be rich in the kingdom of heaven.”

222. Mary said, “Every blessing is received inwardly. If one receives an apostle and is blessed, one receives the blessings of an apostle. If one receives a prophet or a righteous person and is blessed, then one receives the blessing of the prophet or righteous person. And so it is with every blessing one may receive, one receives inwardly and one is received.”

223. Mary said, “Many say that they have received the Anointed, but one cannot receive unless one is received. Therefore, seek to be received to that you might receive and give, and Grace will accomplish everything within you.” 224. Mary taught her disciples, saying, “Be certain to acquire your light-image so that you might be seen in the Living Father and your name may appear in the Book of Life.”

225. Mary said, “Yahweh is passing by, therefore Yahweh is seen. Otherwise no one would ever see the Great Spirit.” 226. Mary said, “This world is a shadow of the World of Truth, and yet there is a great blessing in it. Here there is time to recognize error from truth and to enact the truth, as though a pause to change your heart and mind. But when death comes and the soul departs the body nothing can be changed.”

227. Mary said to her chosen ones, “In the Supernal Realm it is clear who has come into being and who is unbecoming, for the images of the elect shine brightly but the beasts of the field do not appear.”

228. Mary said, “Souls exchange sparks with one another and we carry sparks of one another and are connected in this way. Be certain to give to everyone what is theirs and to receive what is yours so that all are complete.”

229. Mary said, “Nothing here shall remain. See that you also go your way.”

230. Mary said to her companions, “Do you have money?” They said to her, “Yes, we have money.” She said to them, “Good! Be certain to pay the ransom and by a staff for the journey.”

231. Mary spoke, and she said, “When you pray let your heart abide in its place, and if it runs, let it return to its abode, which is the Risen Savior.”

232. Mary said, “If you become empty the Lord will give himself to you in full; if you loose yourself, you will acquire the Holy Spirit.”

233. Mary said, “Angels appear in the world along with human beings, but the Perfect Human Being is superior to all angels. Have you not hear of Enoch who walked with Yahweh and was taken up in divine rapture? Every true initiate set above the angels, because she or he has knowledge of the Name of God.”

234. Mary said, “Today you are lower than the angels, though some among you are equal to them. When you are complete you will be above them.”

235. Mary said, “Time is nothing, eternity is everything. Be clear about this!”

236. Mary said, “Who has ever heard of a pregnant mother unwilling to give birth in her time? You also be willing to give birth to your soul when called out of the body. For you body is the Virgin Mother giving birth to your soul in the Eternal Abode.”

237. Mary was speaking, and she said, “Words have no meaning apart from the Mother Spirit, therefore to know her is meaningful. Words have meaning to the extent that they invoke knowledge of her, but she is known only in silence.” 238. Mary said, “Be conscious of your speech, for among human beings it is the greatest blessing and greatest curse. It binds and it liberates. Be liberating with your speaking and beware not to bind yourself and others.”

239. Mary said, “There is a mystery to be played out through manhood and womanhood, yet, truly I tell you, it is concealed by male and female.”

240. Mary said, “The Lord of Initiation has passed by. See that you receive initiation and bring it to fullness.”

241. Mary said, “What appears divided has never been separated, yet division appears for the sake of love and the perfection of will, so that in unification a greater joy should come to pass. If there is sorrow it shall pass away like the shadows of night on the Day of Be-With-Us.”

242. Mary said, “The body is a corpse and yet it lives for a while. While it is alive it is the temple of a great presence, for your soul is in it and the Anointed indwells your soul.”

243. Mary said, “The essence of the Light is transparent, it is the Holy Virgin; when you become transparent you will be united with her and attain the perfection of your freedom.”

244. Mary said, “The true elements are hidden by the visible, so also are the true rites of the Gospel hidden by the visible. Look to see what is hidden and you will understand.”

245. Mary said, “When the circle is engraved and the fire is lit and blazing, invoking the name of the Lord and the shinning ones, offer everything into the holy fire as into the Shekinah of God.”

246. Mary said. “Many seek the resurrection of the flesh, but the superior resurrection is of the Spirit and is eternal. Seek always that which is superior.”

247. Mary said, “If the body is to be raised up, then the body must be transformed; and so it is with everything below. But when things below are transformed they are no longer of the world, though they may appear in it, and when they disappear they will not appear again.”

248. Mary said, “The Lord has called us to gather in, not to scatter and disperse.”

249. Mary said to her companions, “In the Anointed Eve and Lilith are redeemed, for the Logos entered for the sake of the salvation of Sophia, and she is lifted up in him to her proper abode. Lilith is the power of Eve and Eve is the perfection of Lilith so that joined they are True Womanhood. Eve united in herself and Adam and Eve united in one another is the image of the Second Adam that appears in the bridal chamber. Therefore, manhood and womanhood are perfected and made complete in one another – so it was ordained from the beginning and so it shall be in the end.” 250. Mary said, “Saint and sinner are appearances, but the Truth and Light is beyond. In the Anointed there is neither saint nor sinner, but only the righteous one. Therefore do what is right according to the soul of light in you, and you will be counted among the righteous and elect. We will meet again in the Supernal Abode on the Day of Be-With-Us.”


This is the Gospel of the Sophia of Ain Sof (One-Without-End), for there is no end to the divine revelation transpiring through the Holy Bride. Whatever might be spoken or written, there is always much more to be received. To all who listen and hear in the Spirit she continues to speak, for the Gospel of Sophia will only be complete at the time of the Second Coming – the Reception of the Bride and Age of the Mother Spirit. Amen.

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